The Guided Mite from 1959 The Guided Mite is PeeWee  powered and rudder only

Tony Tomlin's Ace of Diamonds Took a while to get the AOD sorted
Attending an Old Warden meeting Twice size Contest Kits Avenger, about 10 foot span



1.5 times Vic Smeed Tomboy landing Tony with his Peter Fisher designed Ionosphere

R/C Elf by Ray Page A pair of Peter Fisher Mesons

Electric Sparky by Alan Holmes at Middle Wallop
The R6B was an early RC model from New Zealand

Tony Handley's Sunduster (from the Vintage Model Works kit) The model after covering with Micafilm
The Sunduster is electric poweredAnother view of the uncovered Sunduster
Alan's electric Junior 60
The Ohm 8 is surely one of Vic Smeed's least attractive designs

Alan's electric Super 60
Tony's Swannee from c1966 a S/C model influenced by Kazmirski's Taurus