Pictures of members and friends at meetings we have attended. This page is regularly updated.

Ray with Ohlsson 19 sparky powered Cloud Elf at Little Rissington SAM 1066 event Aug 2006, flew well.  Mike starting up the Madcap at Little Rissington SAM 1066 event Aug 2006, an old model but put in many good flights
Alan with Forster 29 sparky powered Sunduster at Little Rissington SAM 1066 event Aug 2006, lots of power and flew well Malcolm was flying rubber and glider at Little Rissington SAM 1066 event Aug 2006, always had something in the air
SAM35 were at the Sandown Symposium 2003. A wide variety of models and engines was on display. Raynes Pk members John and Graham were amongst the helpers. Another view of the large SAM 35 stand at Sandown 2003. Models ranged from small rubber power to large petrol powered. Grahams engine display (see other pic) created much interest.
SAM 35 were at the Sandown Symposium and there was much interest in the variety of models displayed. Raynes Pk members helped run the stand Another view of the stand at Sandown. A good variety of mainly F/F models plus a collection of vintage engines provided by Graham Knight
Now re-engined with a reliable Baby Cyclone, Graham Knight finally got his Simplex airborne at Middle Wallop May 12 2002 (see earlier below) And here it is in the air. A few minor trimming adjustments to downthrust required but a pleasing first flying session
Just a few of the large club turnout on a beautiful calm day on Epsom Downs, Oct 28 2001 James gets his Stomper away for another flight, Oct 28 meeting
Alan Jupp hides behind his most unusual model of the 1908 Capferer Astra. Very low wing loading. Working rigging The model flew delightfully slowly powered by an Irvine Mills 1.3 taking advantage of calm Oct 28 weather
Tom with attractive glider, Oct 28 meeting. This was after all billed as a glider meeting Ted with his VA powered 1/2A model. Took advantage of the good weather to trim the model out
Ron Moulton on the vintage stand at Halton 2000 Also seen at Halton, this is the original Dr. Forster Spitfire. The model is to be restored to flying by Mike Beach
A group of members models at Middle Wallop June event Close up of Ohlsson 60 powering enlarged Sunduster. Model flew very well
Kayo, re-engined with Brown Jr by Alan Holmes, at Middle Wallop May 2000 meeting. Model put in several good flights Close up of the Brown Jr installation in the Kayo. Note the Keil Kraft Truflex prop
Buggaboo designer over from Holland at Middle Wallop May 2000 brought several models Another of the models from Holland
First time out for the Simplex at March 2000 Middle Wallop meeting but there were ignition problems with the Sky Chief engine First time out for this Cameron 23 ignition motor powered Sun Duster at Middle Wallop May 2000. Flew well 
Graham Knight's Sky Chief powered Simplex was Commended at the 1999 Model Engineer Exhibition Malcolm Jagger's King Burd at the Model Engineer Exhibition held at Alexandra Palace
Seen at RAF Halton on 10 Oct this twin spark ignition engine was featured earlier this year in Aeromodeller Alex Imrie and Ron Moulton run up the engine. Delightful crackle echoed round the hanger!
Trevithick re-engined with a Brown Junior had first trimming flights at Sep 26 Middle Wallop meeting Amazing working replica of a Gypsy Major engine seen at 12 Sep meeting at Old Warden (last Nexus event at OW)
Peter Michel at Epsom Downs Away on a successful trimming flight
1933 Midge made early use of balsa, flew well at Epsom Downs, Aug Bank Holiday The classic Bowden Contest seen at Epsom Downs. Owner had made the Atom Minor Mk3 engine
First outing for this attractive King Burd at Don Read's picnic at Chobham Common in July Starting the interesting Rawlings R18 engine in the King Burd. A bit too windy to risk a first flight
Test running a Brown Jnr at the SAM35 Old Warden July meeting. Ignition gear in plastic box. After the satisfying crackle of the Brown, a Baby Cyclone model F was run up.
This Jimmie Allen Yellow Jacket trimmed out beautifully first time at Old Warden June meeting First time out also for this 55% Trenton Terror at Old Warden June meeting but problems starting new engine
Simplex Hornet powered Simplex at Middle Wallop Spring meeting Trusty Mills 1.3 Mk1 Series 1 in a Plecan Hepcat
O&R 23 powered Sun Duster at Middle Wallop Spring meeting Bantam 19 powered Bantam at Middle Wallop Spring meeting

ED Hunter powered Junior 60 landing at Cocklebarrow FarmModels lined up at Golden Cross

Tony's Drake taking off from the lakeAlan's Forster 29 sparkie powered Sunduster airborne at Middle Wallop