Members New Models

Superb Celestial Horseman by Ted Horne, over 10 foot span Celestial Horseman during test glides
 R/C assist Utility by James Parry  Gas Buggy by James Parry under construction
 Brookes Skyrocket airframe by Graham Knight  T.H.Newell Falcon by Graham Knight. First Wakefield winner
Graupner UHU by Graham Knight  KK Southerner by Dominic Gibbens
Built up fuselage version of Peacemaker by Dominic Gibbens Foxstunter by Dominic Gibbens

Swannee by Tony Tomlin with rudder/elevator control, original was single channel Tony's twice size Ken Willard Drake takes off on its first flight
Tony has been busy again, this time with a Ken Willard Gasser from 1959The Gasser was very popular back in the day for single channel and Galloping  Ghost
Tony has been building while flying has not been possible due to Covid 19As many of you will have recognised, it is a Mini Super by David Boddington
The Mini Super was a reduced size (48") version of the Keil Kraft kitTony's model is powered by an OS Max 15