Keith Hynds' Twister  Keith and Martin with their Chihuahuas
James starting his Peacemaker Mike launching the Peacemaker
Tom's nice looking Chihuahua Razor Blade at a club flying meeting


The Razor Blade gets away  Keith Hynds large ST60 powered stunt model
Dominic with stunt model, flew well until engine faltered during a manoeuvre. Loss af line tension led to crash. Should be repairable. Keith launches Marshall's OS25 powered Peacemaker. Flew fast until disorientation led to crash.

Lazy Bones, an early speed model by NG Taylor McCoy 60 poweredFierce Arrow an unusual stunt model by Bill Netzeband from 1957

Dominic's SIG Banshee, flew well until the engine quit at the wrong timeTwo more of Dominic's models both Carl Goldberg, Shoosmith in the foreground